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6th Grade Newsletter

October 03, 2012


Sixth Grade Newsletter

November 7, 2013

Important Dates

11/8 - No School

11/11 - Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day Celebration - 9:00 am

Brilliant Bulldogs

11/13 - Brilliant Bulldogs

11/14 - BOE - 7:00 pm

11/18 - National Bullying Awareness Week

Brilliant Bulldogs

11/20 - Brilliant Bulldogs

11/21 - Pizza Hut Night

11/25 - PAWS Shopping

Brilliant Bulldogs

11/26 - No Safe Seat Celebration

PAWS Shopping

11/27 - Character Kids - 7:40 am

Kindergarten Feast - 10:55 am

Early Out - 1:00 pm

11/28 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

11/29 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

*** After-school choir will be meeting on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 beginning September 19th

. They will not be meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month. 



Every day presents many choices.  Before making a choice, consider the impact.


Science –  Chapter 3 discusses genetics and how to achieve the desired organism that will produce and be able to adapt to his/her environment for survival purposes.  We discovered the probability of an offspring inheriting a specific trait, determining dominant traits for a specific group, and tracing traits via a pedigree chart.  Our chapter test will be a short written test and a performance.  The performance event will require groups in which they create a deep sea creature, list features and explain the benefits it will need to survive/reproduce in the deep sea, label its traits (genotype/phenotype, acquired, mutations).  These will be due on Monday, November 25th.  Some class time will be given to work on these creatures, but some work may need to be done outside of class.


It is important for students to be able to locate information for specific purposes.  Tests will be corrected and sent home for you to sign in the end.  We will be doing a cell project for the end of the chapter as well.


Social Studies We moved into China. The test over China should happen around November 13th.  This will be an open-book/take-home test.  Students will be instructed to write the page number they found answers and the paragraph number.  This is an open book test.  Hopefully this strategy will assist them in locating important information.  Scores should increase as well.


Moving to Greece to see what their civilization has brought to our way of life today.


Newspapers - An article will be assigned on Tuesday and due the next week on Tuesday. Geography will be introduced through the newspapers.  As we move through our civilizations of the world, we will be examining the countries/continents of our world.  Students will be assigned one or more continent for the week in which they will locate articles in the newspaper discussing a country in a particular continent(s).  Students will then need to identify the continent and surrounding countries.  We have added the landforms and major bodies of water.


Math -.  We are working on Topic 6 covering fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers.  Intervention times in the mornings are being used to review skills/concepts in which we need a bit more practice.  Testing over Topic 6 will be around November 13th.  Then on to Topic 7 which will be covering a multiple of the same concepts.  We are moving along at a good clip, but most of the concepts are review from previous years.  We are just taking them a step further.


Writing/English- Our goal is to master the 6 Traits of Writing (ideas/content, conventions, organization, word choice, voice, sentence fluency) in order to become more successful writers.  We are learning how to brainstorm for ideas, prioritize our interest in them, purposes for writing, audience we are writing for, the task to be done, and the various types of written material.  Most of our writing will be cross-curricular (writing in all subjects).

Spelling-Students are given the Spelling packet on Friday.  Monday will be the pretest and writing each word two times, first work page due on Tuesday, second work page due on Tuesday, third and last work page due on Wednesday, and the test on Friday.  If we continue to struggle spelling the words, we will begin pyramids to build each word letter by letter.

Reading – We are reading “Ghost of the Lagoon” and “Jeremiah’s Song” in which we are discovering internal and external characteristics.  These stories also cover preserving our cultures.

Concepts for Reading are characterizations, foreshadowing, inferencing, and preservations of our history.  We learning how strategies help us to visualize what is taking place and pull us into the book as if we were there.  

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